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Section Rules
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 Blogger Section
The blogger section lets you post news or just personal thoughts on whatever you find interesting, both in life or on the internet. It is a great way to express yourself to everyone on the site and to guest who visit the site. The best part is that you can keep a track of comments by members to keep talking about what interest you and them. It is a great way to communicate on a personal or favorite idea with everyone while keeping the topic solid.

 Forums Section
The forums section is the main area where you can take part in conversations with other members of the site. It is the best way to talk about what you enjoy along with getting support for problems you might be having with downloads on the site. In addition, you can also request new tracks which are not found on the site and give off suggestion for website improvement. Please note that every member is limited to five (5) tracks requested only in their request thread.

 Gallery Section
The gallery section grants you the ability to store images from around the internet. It is also a create place to add or download free wallpapers.

 Sprites Section
The sprites section is the place where you can find sheets of moves which characters use mostly in fighting games. The most common known style is pixel art, but you can also find others such as vector and 3D models as well.

 Games Section
On this area of the website is the main section where you can download and play the games we offer. Games include full retail games, flash games and mobile games. Along with those, the website also offers ROMs for many different console systems. Flash games grant you the ability to play games right online without requiring you to register as well. You may also add your own games but any games you add which are adult themed can only be added at Sexual Symbol. Zeatrex does not support the addition of adult games or adult flash games.

 Modifiers Section
If you are the kind of person that enjoys creating your own modifications to games, also known as mods, then the modifier section is the perfect area for you. Here you can add or grab hot modifications to games which can include from scratch created 3D models, to texture map reskins, and even modified or personally created levels and maps. This section of the site lets you expand your gameplay even farther with unique original add-ons from other members. If you are not a modder but know many mods that would be great to share, you can also do just that right here.

 Highlights Section
The video section of the site grants you the ability to add your own personal videos which you created featuring just about anything. This section of the website is connected to the YouTube service so you can upload a video directly to your YouTube account without having to go to the YouTube website itself. Videos you can upload to the videos section has to be your very own original work except for the music used in it.

 Downloads Section
At the download section of the site you will find many tools and patches you can use. Patches can fix many problems games might be giving to you when you try to play them. While tools can be used to fix bugs you might find while you play games. Here you can also find special downloads which lets you customize your games in many different ways and form. So if you find yourself having problems with your game, this is the main place you should check out first before anywhere else.

 Support Section
The support section of the website gives you in full detail everything that the site offers you. Also gives a quick descriptions to all the sections of the site and its part. This is the best area to go if it is your first time at the site to get an idea of what we all about, what we offer, what you can do and how you will more likely spend your time with us. So if you are totally clueless or just want to get even deeper to what you can and can not do, this is the section for you.

The community section is a special service which consist of chat rooms which you can chat with anyone that is in this section. It is a great way to talk about future projects with friends or team members. It features everything you need to help you maintain your chats publicly or privately with those you wish to talk too. This section is also great to meet people or just pass the time when you have nothing to do. Everyone in this section may create their own rooms freely or join the rooms already there. The section also includes a webcam feature so if you have a webcam you can use it when you want. Webcam is not required to join the chat rooms and you may be in any rooms without a webcam. This service is free to all members and guest as well.

Forum » The Rules » Rules » Section Rules (Rules to all the sections of the site.)
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