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Getting Started
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This thread is to ask for help on problems you might be having setting up a LAN game. That is this pacticular thread, the rest of the categories for this section is to let other members of the site know what game you are playing at the moment. Place all the information needed so they have the ability to contact you while you are playing the game. Things like the name of the server you are in (by country), your in-game character game, the name of your guild/clan/league (if any). This information can help you find other players that play the same game you do, maybe they can reach you in the game and you can both team up and play together!

Now when it comes to setting up an internet LAN game for older games not exactly supported by their companies anymore, there are several different kinds of software that already exist that lets you create servers so friends of yours can join in on the fun. Though I know several more exist, you can download some in the Programs area of the Download Section on the website.

There are so many solutions, I do recommend that you also look for others and see if you can find the one you would prefer. At one point there were several websites dedicated to just showing these networks and what games were being played on them. There is no information on those sites anymore but I am sure there are others places who might have some knowledge. As a side note, I have heard of issue where some older games would not work with this kind of software, but possibly now all those issues are fixed. Also remember, if you do not find a dedicated website which offers to create open server list for old games you may start threads here with those list and/information.

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Forum » Game Networking » Information » Getting Started (How to set up your LAN network on older games.)
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