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Welcome to our Zeatrex website! This website started off as a private website to collect favorite games by staff members of it. The idea was to add games to the site for our personal use and quick finding for when we wanted to play the games ourselves. After the site started to get a large number of games we decided to make it a public site to share the games with everyone else. We are dedicated to all kinds of video games you can find out there for all ages. You can download and install many videos games we have uploaded for you along with playing online flash games as well. Every game we offer are either free or a demo of an existing game you can find if you look hard enough. We have a large variety of games so take the time and check out what Zeatrex has in store you!



Get the latest news on your favorite games inside and outside of the website. New added games can be usually found here along with information on other hot titles out there. This section of the website is also used to track the new games coming out and also games that are coming back with a vengeance. It can also be used by all members and it is not restricted either, so any member of the site can add their input on the games they enjoy the most or post what new games are going to come out in the future that interest them. This section can also be used a personal blog for members as well!

Have all the discussions you desire with fellow website members at the forums. Here you can even request games that the site haven't uploaded yet. You can also check out the latest contest and find information on how to enter them here as well. If you have problems, find bugs or have patches at your disposal, you can also report or post them at the forums for help or for others to use and download. It also has a section for foreign members that do not speak English, so there is a thread for everyone!



Over at the gallery you can find many fan artwork of your favorite games or you can find wallpapers of existing games out there. You can also download the full size of all the images and use them as wallpapers on your personal computer, laptop or mobile device. Screenshots of games can also be found in this section. Along with that, artistic members and post their very own drawings of their favorite characters here too. The gallery is a great place to share your abilities in art and also show the site members what games you are more into!

If you are bored out of your mind, have nothing to do, or just have too much time on your hands and nothing to spending it on, then the gaming section of the website is the place for you. This is the main area where you get all your games from, we hold downloadable games along with flash games and also games you can you download from torrents from around the internet. Whatever your taste in gaming is, you will always find a game that you can waste your time in right here!



This section of the website is integrated with your You-Tube channel if you were to have an account with them. Whatever you upload can be automatically uploaded directly to your You-Tube channel right from this site. Use this area to post video sneak peeks of the newest games, real-time game play footage of your favorite games, or fan made videos. There is always something that can be created using your imagination and some additional materials from actual games out there already!

At the download section of the site you will find many tools and patches you can use. Patches can fix many problems games might be giving to you when you try to play them. While tools can be used to fix bugs you might find while you play games. Here you can also find special downloads which lets you customize your games in many different ways and form. So if you find yourself having problems with your game, this is the main place you should check out first before anywhere else!



If you are the kind of person that enjoys creating your own modifications to games, also known as mods, then the modifier section is the perfect area for you. Here you can add or grab hot modifications to games which can include from scratch created 3D models, to texture map reskins, and even modified or personally created levels and maps. This section of the site lets you expand your gameplay even farther with unique original add-ons from other members. If you are not a modder but know many mods that would be great to share, you can also do just that right here!

We have a built-in chat room to the bottom right of every main section of the site. Here you can talk to all the members which are on the site directly that are online. This feature is also a great way to report post with broken links or games which are not working correctly or have harmful content in its files. You can also probably find your favorite uploading member of the site and ask about what new uploads they might be planning for the future. Even though the chat room is a great way to communicate, remember that the forums is a great place to get all sorts of information, due to the chat room having a lot of messages added, your post might not be seen by the intended member. So posting help for things uploaded is still always best at the forums Contribution Area!

At the top of the website you will find the Support area which has a drop-down feature. There you can find additional sections of the site that will give you additional information of the site and staff members. This section also contains legal information that includes your registration information and policies also. The drop-down tab grants the site the ability to be upgraded with much more sections to support every single gaming need you have. So if you have suggestions for new things to be added to the site, be sure not to hesitate to post it at the forums for review by the staff members. You never know, your idea might be taken under consideration and the next time you log into the site... A new section with your ideas might be there!

Many pixel art fighting and role-playing games traditionally use a form of pixel art which can be ripped from the game itself to create a map of every animated action they do. Each frame is known as a sprite while mapping out each frame-by-frame animation are known as sheets when placed all together. Games which use this form of art for the game can also use special shading to make the games seem full 3D as well. Zeatrex supports a section especially to upload and share all your sprite sheets or sprite animation with everyone else on the site. So if you enjoy customizing sprites out there, creating your own, or use some already created sprites for whatever personal use you might have, be sure to place them here to share others!


Our website offers every feature for free. No hourly fees, no per-minute charges, no mailing bills, no subscription, no credit card registration, you don't even have to register to download from our website at all. You are never charged a cent on this website and you never will be charged either. The website shows how free it is and how much it enjoys its service to the gaming community by maintaining a single ad which only appears when something is downloaded. This means that by downloading anything on our site you help the site stay online and free! Everything on the site is free to use, free to download, and free to upload and share. Fun games should be free, and we plan on delivering that to you with our service. So forget those websites that have some kind of cheap gimmick to take your money, here you will always get what you want for free... Guaranteed!

If you just can't find what you are looking for at the forums, the information you want is not at the news section, or you just need a reliable response, you can use the Contact Us option that sends an email directly to the staff of the website. This features gives you the ability to get in contact with people who has been playing games for a long time and might more likely already know of a cure that might be troubling you at the moment. Don't be shy, when you are stuck, contact us for help. This area of the site can also be used for advertising and banner exchanging at our website if you are interested!



Sometimes chat rooms and text just doesn't do enough or might just lack in hardcore action. And sometimes you just want to get personal with your sexual desires. That is the main reason for the Community Section of the site, so you can get down with anyone and everyone in real time. If you are brave enough, here you can video chat with members as long as you have an active webcam. Meet new people, check out website members real faces or just throw your own show. You can even create private rooms and you do not need to be registered to the site to use this section at all!