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AirForce Delta Storm

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The Gameplay of AirForce Delta Storm is very similar to its predecessor Airforce Delta, in the sense that the player controls various aircraft to engage enemies and accomplish missions. A new feature of AirForce Delta Storm is the 'World Map' where the player moves his aircraft across the map through various checkpoints and flies to a mission. Some of these checkpoints however can be 'recaptured' by the enemy so the player must make careful account of how much 'Range' his aircraft has; 'Range' allows the player to continue across the map without having to deal with enemy forces. When the player locates the mission on-screen the player flies his aircraft towards the mission icon (either a land-based structure or a ship) and selects it. There are three levels of controls, ranging from novice, which allows you to pick up the game and play without having to learn how to control pitch and yaw and how to do a complex roll during a corkscrewing backflip. There is expert, where you can control the pitch and yaw of the plane and even do rolls. Then there is ace, the only way ace differs from expert is that you can use the airbrake feature and the throttle sticks in place after you let go of the increase/decrease speed buttons.
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