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Dynasty Warriors Advance

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Based on Dynasty Warriors 4, each stage is broken down into a map of smaller battles that you move around like a board game. Advance is mostly its own game, but uses a similar "board game" map. It is still turn-based like the PSP game, but instead of battles being timed and all armies moving at once, each force has its own turn, making Advance even more like a board game. Advance features 13 playable characters and 11 battles from the Three Kingdoms. Characters have some similar attacks to their counterparts in the other Dynasty Warriors games, but there is no jumping, arrows, or mounts. Characters still level up and can acquire weapons hidden around the map. There is a new mechanic, a Gradius-style power meter that cycles through a number of powerups as you defeat enemies; you lose powerups as you take damage, and you start every battle with no power.

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