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Grand Theft Auto Advance

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The game is set in Liberty City, the fictional Grand Theft Auto city that appeared most prominently in Grand Theft Auto III, in the year 2000. Indeed, the earliest announcement of this game was that it would be a port of Grand Theft Auto III, but at some point in development (it is unclear exactly when this occurred) this idea was rejected, probably due to technical limitations and the time needed to reconstruct the previous game's missions in the new two-dimensional environment. The game was actually released as a prequel to Grand Theft Auto III, taking place one year prior to the events in Grand Theft Auto III. As it takes place in Grand Theft Auto III's Liberty City, familiar landmarks re-appear and the overall street layout is the same. However, the locations of familiar secrets such as Rampages, hidden packages and jump ramps have all been changed, so players familiar with the city's corners and alleyways in Grand Theft Auto III will have to explore them afresh in Grand Theft Auto. The city's three islands have been noticeably changed in its conversion and elements impossible to interpret to a top-view perspective, so there are no longer any sloped surfaces, and the tunnels and train system have been removed.
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