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Stuntman has three single-player modes: Stuntman Career, Stunt Construction and Driving Games. In Stuntman Career, the player must attempt a series of car chase stunt scenes. Each track has several stunts, which are indicated with visual cues and in voice. The player must complete each track in a limited time and with a specified accuracy of the stunts to be able to proceed to the next scene. After all the scenes of the film are completed, a theatrical trailer of the film is shown that combines pre-rendered scenes with highlights from the car scenes based on the actual performance of the player. After succeeding a scene, the player is rewarded with money based on accuracy and time,and unlocking of vehicles and tools for the construction mode. After completing a scene, the player can watch a playback and optionally save it. The career mode allows the player to participate in six films, each filmed in a different location and in a different genre. Toothless in Wapping is a gangster film made in London and resembles Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (both of which were directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Jason Statham). A Whoopin' and a Hollerin' is inspired by Dukes of Hazzard set in rural Louisiana. Blood Oath is filmed in Bangkok and is inspired by John Woo-films. Conspiracy is a Tom Clancy-type thriller where the player uses a snowmobile in Switzerland. The Scarab of Lost Souls is based on the Indiana Jones films where the player uses a jeep and troop carrier in Egypt. Live Twice for Tomorrow is a parody of James Bond where the player uses sports cars in Monaco. Between films, the player must perform stunts in front of crowds. The Stunt Construction mode allows the player to create their own stunts by placing equipment in an arena and then perform the stunts. The Driving Games mode involves tests of vehicle control, such as maneuverability, precision and timing.
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