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Ace Combat 2

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Players complete missions by destroying various air and surface targets to obtain credits for their airforce. A mission briefing details the player's expected route of attack and the enemy opposition in a 3D map display. The player can also choose Novice or Expert control settings; the latter enables the player to execute realistic aircraft maneuvers such as rolls and high-g turns. The mercenary wingman system from Air Combat returns, but instead of choosing pilots who have their own specific planes, the game introduces the player to only one male or female pilot to choose for the mission, but can opt to do the mission alone. Certain aircraft will be arrayed depending on the wingmen's mission assignments. Operation time will be dictated through a fuel gauge. The game mostly proceeds in a linear fashion, but later on, the player will have a choice of two branching mission paths (called Alphaville and Belissima). Certain targets in missions can also unlock secret missions and alternative endings.

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