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Army Men: World War - Land, Sea & Air

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In this installment of 3DO's popular series, the classic battle rages on between the little green plastic guys and the little tan plastic guys. This time out, the Tans are making some diabolical advances, and it's up to you and the rest of the Greens to stop them. In Boot Camp mode, you'll learn the game's unique control system in order to prepare for the real battles that will take place in Single-Player and Two-Player Capture the Flag modes. Capture the Flag has you and a pal going at it, trying to steal each other's flags while avoiding computer-controlled robots. The one-player affair will have you switching perspectives, playing hide-and-seek, hopping into cool vehicles, and much more. Using weapons and gadgetry like the M16 machine gun, super-powerful binoculars, and a bayonet, you'll move about the game's gigantic maps, trying to put an end to those pesky Tan forces once and for all.

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