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Army Men: World War - Team Assault

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If there are two sides that will never come to terms, it's the Greens and the Tans. The longtime rival armies are still warring, and there's no end in sight to the turmoil Sarge and company are ready to kick some Tan butt in this innovative version of the popular ARMY MEN series. Rather than controlling individual soldiers this time around, you'll be able to control entire armies. What makes the game unique is the brand of teamwork introduced: Each of your fighters is equipped with a different skill set that will be necessary to win the battle. Using linguists, explosive experts, mercenaries, and others, you'll try to concoct the perfect strategy for taking the enemy troops down. There are 16 awesome missions in all, and you decide whether you want to carry out the dirty work on foot or in vehicles. The game's AI is great, but there's simply no beating the two-player mode.

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