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Assault Retribution

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Your mission is to destroy the enemy by any means necessary. If you fail, the world as we know it may come to an end. You'll be fighting through seven intense levels as you try to reach the evil enemy and bring safety to your city. Whether you journey to undiscovered alien worlds or battle at the end of the earth, it's all here. Have no fear though, as you'll have a huge array of weapons to choose from: multi-phase pulse rifles, overwhelming shock weapons, and magnetic bolt accelerators, just to name a few. Each weapon will serve its own purpose in destroying the mutant race. If you can't do it alone, then join up with a friend in the Two-Player Cooperative mode. The Two-Player mode offers more mutants, different routes, and insane challenges behind every door. No matter how you play this game though, you'll be in for some action-packed fun.

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