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Buckle Up!

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Buckle up! features different characters that are outlaws that have to complete different missions to advance in the game (the game features 4 missions and when the player complete the story mode the game lets him play in any of them in a free run mode). During each mission they can change their car meanwhile they are trying to avoid the police cars that are after them. The gameplay is similar to games like Runabout (Felony 11-79) ans the player can drive different kind of cars across the city and destroy all that are around them. The cars and camions that the player can run are from a big truck to a police car. Road racing with a dynamic pursuit without cutting off the real enemy vehicles in an approaching-style 3D racing action. Experience a serious and comical mix storyline. Note that this game was only released in Japan so the only language used in the game is Japanese only,

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