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Echo Nights

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Richard Osmond returned home to discover that his father had disappeared. Trying to find some clues as to his father's whereabouts, Richard stumbles across an old key that unlocks the grandfather clock. Opening the clock reveals a secret passage and large red book that explains the Rockwell dynasty. It appears that the Rockwells and 45 other guests disappeared one year earlier on the luxury boat Orpheus. The Rockwells' disappearance is related to a murderer who is possessed by an evil red knife the very same psychopath that Richard's father was trying to capture. Travel through time, help the elder Osmond capture the murderer, release the souls of those murdered by the evil knife, and discover the link between the Rockwells and the murderer. Use a point-and-click interface to explore the environs, talk to characters, and pick up items. Will Richard be able to save all of the souls and find his father? Echo Night contains the answers to these questions and many more.

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