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ECW Hardcore Revolution

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Gameplay to ECW Hardcore Revolution is identical to WWF Attitude. Much of the content was the same, but elements were changed to replace WWE owned material with Extreme Championship Wrestling material. The similarities are so strong that match rules from WWF Attitude are retained. Some matches could be won or lost via a ring-out count or disqualification, which does not happen in ECW. All of the characters were performers and staff members involved with ECW during the game's production. Some personalities who left the company during production were left in as unlockable characters. Some of the "jobber" characters are based on Acclaim staff, or are completely fictional creations. In Season mode, a fictional Acclaim Championship becomes the first title that the player's character competes for. This is due to ECW only having 3 championships, where as 4 were available in WWE Attitude. The game does feature a few unique moves, but many are actually duplicates of moves that are also available in the game. For example, Danny Doring's finisher "Whambam Thankyou Mam" is identical to "Double Arm DDT". One of the game's unique features is match commentary by Joey Styles. This is one of the very few wrestling based video games to use just one commentator.

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