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Ehrgeiz differs from most 3D fighting games by drawing heavily from the concepts of wrestling games and Dream Factory's own Tobal series, which allows for full 360-degree movement and does not require fighters to be facing one another at all times. This restricts the camera to a more or less fixed position, zooming in and out with the action, but not tracking around the arena as would be common in most other 2D and 3D fighting games. The fast-paced fighting allows for characters to move freely in a 3-dimensional stage which is filled with many interactive objects and changes in elevation, allowing characters to leap on top of crates or use them as weapons, for example. The PlayStation version includes a Quest Mode along with a a special mode which randomly regenerates a dungeon. The randomly generating dungeon part of the game gives the game vast amount of replayablity. The random regenerating dungeon game uses fully role-playing features where you can equip weapons, armor, spells and even gain coins to buy food and potions. It even including the ability to make your character stronger by use of gaining experience points. The only downside to this part of the game is that you are limited to only using two characters which can be switched while playing but not switched between using other characters in the game itself.

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