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The Eliminator event was the most popular televised sport in history. Prisoners would engage in combat until only one man was left standing. He would subsequently be released from prison with fame and fortune. Now, new weapons are tested in hovercraft called Eliminators, and you are the next contestant. Choose from four ships and challenge eight different arenas: Penitentiary, Maze, Asylum, Cage, Chasm, Monastery, Tomb, and Fortress. In each arena there is an array of defenses and robots that must be destroyed; however, if you do not clear the arena within the time limit, the bomb strapped to your car will explode. Thankfully, a unique targeting system allows you to target enemies on the ground or in the air. Should friends want to try the events, challenge them to a death match in the Two-Player mode. Surviving in Eliminator takes guts and skill.


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