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Evil Zone

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The game tries to focus on simplicity with a "pick up and play" feel that isn't daunting to new players. Fighting takes place on a 3D field and allows characters to move backwards, forwards, and sidestep left and right with ease. Most of the fighting is done with range-based attacks, but it is possible to attack from a short range and use grapple moves on your opponent. The fighting system only utilizes two main buttons, which is and attack and a guard, unlike most fighting games. Each character controls in exactly the same manner, but each have a set of unique attacks along with an ultra-attack that requires the player to expel Power Stocks. By holding down the attack button a character can charge up to 3 Power Stocks. The time that it takes to fully charge a stock depends on the current health of the character, while a character with more health will take longer to charge, a character with minimal health could charge all 3 stocks in a few seconds. Many characters feature attacks that have lengthy animations, which adds a more dramatic and dynamic feel to battles. A general "dramatic" encounter can occur if both characters perform a dash attack at each other at the same time. This results in an event called a Pressure Dash where both characters must rapidly hit buttons in order to gain an advantage over the other player. The most notable animations are those used for each character's ultra-attack, which can last up to 20 seconds long. These animations can become even longer when they are used as the attack that will finish the opponent.

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