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G-Police 2: Weapons Of Justice

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For the most part, the game handles only slightly differently from the original: the controls have been changed slightly to allow vehicles to strafe and fire two weapons at once, although they can no longer lock on to enemy craft, retreat and bombard them with missiles from afar. Missions are once again linear - they must be completed in a certain order, and key objectives must be achieved or the mission is failed. They are accompanied by secondary missions which are optional. The greatest change comes in the form of the three new vehicles other then the Havoc and Venom gunships. There is the Rhino which is an armed car which was playable in a training level in the first G-Police game, however in this game it has more armament. The Raptor is a heavily armed and armored bipedal tank and capable of jumping and gliding. The Corsair is a Marine spaceship used in the final levels to pursue the enemy armada beyond the atmosphere. The mission dictates which vehicle must be used which means the player cannot decide for themselves. The game has 25 weapons, the majority of which are unique to specific vehicles. The vehicles primary cannon can be fired with the [ ] button and has an infinite amount of ammunition, although they do need to recharge after extended periods of use. The O button uses the ships secondary weapons, such as bombs, missiles (both guided and unguided), rockets or an electronic jammer. Throughout the game, you are often accompanied by a wingman or an armoured ground team. These can be used as a weapon by locking on to targets and pressing the secondary fire button. The game also has 35 different types of enemy vehicle to engage. They come in different forms, such as SAM systems, corsairs, armoured APCs, droids and large Gunboats. 30 missions are included in the game, all of which must be completed in a linear order. They vary greatly from patrolling the domes of Callisto, protecting important assets, carrying out bombing raids or simply engaging and destroying enemy forces. Weapons of Justice also includes new training and special missions, unrelated to the game's plot (with several exceptions which act as bonus material between the main missions), as well as bonus artwork and features which are unlocked as you progress through the game and fulfill secondary missions.

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