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In addition to being able to walk, run, and jump through levels, Gex can attach himself to walls and crawl along them using the suction pads on his feet. This technique is sometimes necessary to progress, but can also be used to bypass enemies and hazards. Gex primarily attacks with tail whips. The objective in almost every level in Gex is to explore and find television remotes hidden throughout the levels. Certain levels require players to find two remotes to access the next world. There are also hidden portals to bonus levels, and completing a bonus level perfectly gives players a piece of the Planet X remote. Though there is a bonus level in each regular level, players need only beat one in each world to reach Planet X, an optional secret world. On the original 3DO version, players can save their progress to the system's internal memory; all other versions use a password system instead. To receive a password or gain access to the 3DO's internal memory, the player must find a VHS tape, hidden in the level. The tapes are usually hidden every other level in each world.

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