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Gex: Enter the Gecko

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Enter the Gecko is the first 3D Gex game. His main moveset involves a tail whip attack, bouncing on his tail, using his tongue to eat flies, and performing a flying karate kick. He can also climb up on certain surfaces, and use machines. The game takes place in a large hub filled with several TV screens based on various genres, parodying various genres from Looney Tunes to Star Wars. Each level has about three remotes to collect, as well as an additional one for collecting 120 collectibles within the level. Collecting enough remotes unlock new areas, bonus levels and boss levels and collecting all remotes unlocks a special ending showing concept art for the game. The game uses a camera system unlike other PlayStation platforms such as Spyro the Dragon, but uses a similar system to Super Mario 64 where the player has 3 ways to set the camera control and adjust the view points instead of the camera being rotational. Some enemies in the game can only be defeated by doing certain puzzles. Gex can also use object or machines to aid him in his quest. Gex constantly shouts out puns referencing popular culture from the late 1980s and 1990s when he dies, enters a level, attacks, beats an enemy, or collects items.

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