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Gungage features four playable characters starting with Wakle Skade who is a young blonde man which is playable at the beginning of the game. His rifle has only one primary attack which is rapid-firing blue energy bullets. He has two special abilities, both of which are defensive, one is the energy shield and the other is a "stop bullet" that can freeze the enemy for a few seconds. Up next is Kard Berdish, an ex-officer of the mysterious corporation that seems to be responsible for the monsters. He has white hair, wears a military uniform, and carries a multifunction rifle that includes a laser rifle, flamethrower, homing-missile launcher, and grenade launcher, as well as two devastating special attacks. Next is Steyr Harquebus who is a dissident fighting against the corporation. She is a small, teenage girl with a long-barreled mini-gun that is taller than she is. She has only one primary attack but four special moves more than make up for this shortcoming. Dee Van Feng is the last playable character and he is a cyborg teenage boy with long white hair, created by the corporation. Dee carries a pair of fast-firing uzis. Each of the four characters has his/her own story, which mostly involve the same levels as the other characters, but in a different order, and with elements shuffled around in interesting ways. Only Wakle is playable at the beginning, other characters must be unlocked by performing specific actions using the already unlocked characters.

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