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Rampage 2: Universal Tour

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Each level in Rampage 2: Universal Tour consists of buildings which the player is able to destroy. When the player has dealt enough damage to a building, it will collapse in on itself. Sometimes, miscellaneous objects and power-ups are revealed in the buildings upon being damaged, and can assist the player if used. When every building in a city has been destroyed, the game will advance to the next level. Around every five or so levels, a mini-game is available for the player to play, and doing so can award the player with extra lives, health, and/or special powers. Some of the cities that are featured in each level include landmarks from their real-world counterparts. For example, London, UK, features the Tower of London, and Big Ben, both of which can be destroyed. In Washington, D.C., the White House, and the U.S. Capitol can be destroyed, in New York City, New York, the Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, and the World Trade Center, can be destroyed as well, the game having been released before the September 11 attacks of 2001, and in Chicago, Illinois, the Sears Tower, now known as the Willis Tower, can be destroyed as well. Many of the fake alien planets are named after real-life Earth cities.

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