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Rapid Reload

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The players choose to play as either male character Axel or female character Ruka through the game's six levels. The player can switch between four different weapons with a normal machine pistol, flamethrower, homing laser, and multi-directional cannons. The characters each have their own set of four weapons, totaling the weapons in the game to eight. Also available is a grappling hook that will latch onto any wall or ceiling. The player cannot be harmed while the player uses the hook. The player can also aim their weapons in any direction by holding R2 on the controller. The player can also throw their enemies in any direction, similar to how players Red and Blue can in Gunstar Heroes. The unique feature in Rapid Reload/Gunners Heaven is the point system. Points will be dropped after the player destroys enemies. When the player collects these items, the counter on the top screen with rise and eventually will count down. As the player collects more points, their shots from the weapons will become more powerful than the ordinary shots. Occasionally, the player will find a booster item that will temporarily increase the player's weapon strength to unbelievable heights, making the player annihilate through any enemy easily. Unfortunately, the timer is unforgiving, and the player will have a very short time using the booster item. The game has six stages and during the stages, there is one or two sub-bosses and the one true boss.

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