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RayCrisis: Series Termination

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The gameplay of RayCrisis is based on RayForce, which features a viewpoint given to the player with an overhead perspective. The game is a vertically scrolling shooter with a "virus infiltration" theme: the player plays the role of the Waverider computer virus, and the enemies he or she encounters are Con-Human's antibodies, programmed to terminate any virus—including the player—getting inside the supercomputer's system. An Encroachment system is added, which causes player to lose points when it reaches 100%, especially facing Dis-Human and Infinity prematurely when reaching a huge Antibody, in addition to a bad ending. Encroachment percentage can be lowered by deleting Antibodies, terminating huge Antibodies or obtaining items, keeping a low profile not to be recognized by Con-Human. The game starts with Self-Area, followed by 3 other stages out of the following: Emotion, Consciousness, Intelligence, Memory, or Consideration, each reflecting Con-Human's details of sentience. After completing stage 4, having the emergency control activated by Con-Human because of the havoc the player have caused, the Waverider computer virus must fight against the Dis-Human Antibody, and Infinity, Con-Human's heart. The player is given three ships called Waveriders to choose from at the start of the game and additionally, the two original ships from RayStorm (R-Gray 1 and R-Gray 2) can be unlocked on this version of the game. The three main ships the player can choose from are: WR-01 - a ship resembling the R-Gray 1 from RayStorm in terms of firepower. It features a wide laser attack and can lock onto 8 targets at a time. WR-02 - a ship resembling the R-Gray 2 from RayStorm. Uses a narrow-angled focused laser for its main gun and it has a max capacity of 16 lock-ons available to the player and uses a weapon called the "thunder laser". WR-03 - a brand new design. Removes the lock-on feature and forces the player to use a powerful photon chain gun. Its primary weapons are small guided missiles that swarms the enemies but is weak in terms of hitting power.

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