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RC Revenge

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There are four games modes in RC Revenge: championship mode, single race, time trial, and multiplayer race. RC Revenge has boat and race car effects and an options mode where the player can see the credits, track records, adjust music and sound volumes, brightness, and more. Each RC car in RC Revenge has a boat equivalent. While some races contain just cars, and some races contain just boats, a few races contain warp gates that transform cars into boats and vice versa. From a jungle cruiser to a regular RC car, there are between 9 and 15 Vehicles that are unlocked when first starting RC Revenge. This game comes with a Track Editor, players can build their own track and save it on to a PS1 memory card. After that, they can test their skills against a friend or a computer. By pressing random, the player can try out other courses besides player-created tracks. With P2 (second player), one can only go up to 4 RC cars, while Player 1 Has up to 8 or 4 RC cars. There is a limited amount of track pieces that can be used to make a track. The player can also change backgrounds and the music. Tracks can be redesigned and made into a whole new track. Tracks can also be saved and played with other people.

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