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Ridge Racer Revolution

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The gameplay system remains unchanged from Ridge Racer, with its checkpoint and time-limit system remaining the same; running out of time ends the game and passing through checkpoints grants additional time, although the car drifting is more like Ridge Racer 2. The player drives using automatic transmission or manual transmission. Ridge Racer Revolution supports Namco's NeGcon controller, and adds a rear-view mirror when using the in-car view. The game consists of three courses: 'Novice', 'Intermediate' (also called 'Advanced'), and 'Expert', each having different sections opened, and incorporates modes from the original game; Race, against eleven opponents, and Time Trial, against one. Ridge Racer Revolution adds a mode: Free Run, in which there are no other cars and the player practises driving. There is no lap limit. How fast the cars run depends on which of the four speed grades is used. The grade is selectable in Free Run, and can be unlocked for Race. It is not available in Time Trial. A new feature of the game is the option to select the time of day in which the race takes place. This is not available at the start of the game. Ridge Racer Revolution features a two-player link-up mode which allows the players access to the original Ridge Racer's courses known as 'Special 1' and 'Special 2'. There are two modes in two-player link-up: Race, which is identical to its single-player counterpart, and Versus, where only the players race against each other. Versus features a handicap option, which increases the speed of the trailing car. Like the first Ridge Racer, the player normally starts with four cars. The remaining eight are selectable upon winning the mini game before the title screen (the mini game is Galaga '88 instead of the original game's Galaxian). They are mostly unchanged; their names (certain cars are named after other Namco titles) and specifications are similar to the first game. After the player wins the first three circuits, reversed versions are unlocked, and Time Trial features an additional opponent driving a secret car. There are three secret cars; the '13th Racing' (from the first Ridge Racer) of the Novice course, and the new '13th Racing Kid' (of the Intermediate course) and 'White Angel' (of the Expert course). These cars are unlocked upon winning the respective course's Time Trial race. Ridge Racer Revolution features two hidden modes; 'Drift Contest', where the player earns points according to how well spins are performed on certain corners, and 'Pretty Racer' (also known as 'Buggy mode'), in which the cars become buggies. Pocket Racer was inspired by this. Mirrored tracks that function identically to the original are accessible. As with the first game, the player can insert a music CD which can be listened to instead of the soundtrack. Unlike the first game, only the last course played is loaded into the PlayStation's memory; to switch, the player would need to reinsert the game disc before loading.

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