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Rising Zan: The Samurai Gunman

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Protagonist Zan fights using a revolver named "Johnny No More" (also the title of the game's theme song) in his left hand and a katana named "Demon Slayer" in his right. The player can rescue hostages scattered around the level, perform several combos combining sword and gun attacks and make "All Button Events" in which all buttons in the controller must be pressed quickly to fill a bar in a limited time. These include one of seven finishing moves for the enemy boss character at the end of each level (there are nine in all); these moves themselves are rankes, from lowest to highest - "Weak", "Yeah", "Neat", "Cool", "Groovy", "Wicked", and "Bitchin'". Zan also has a bar that raises several levels, which allows him to execute "Hustle Mode" in which his sword grows to a much longer length, his attack power increases, and his speed shoots up considerably, allowing him to run and attack at extremely high speeds. These actions, when completed successfully, reward extra score to the player, score which is summed at the end of each level and evaluates the player's performance by giving him/her a ranking. This varies in rank from lowest to highest: "Chicken", "Hero", "Sexy Hero", Ultra Sexy Hero", and "Super Ultra Sexy Hero". If the player completes the game with a high ranking, several extra features can be unlocked.

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