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The vehicles in Rollcage are all double sided and can be driven on either side, as well as along walls and ceilings if they're driven fast enough. There are numerous scenery objects and buildings placed throughout the tracks that can be destroyed, either by shooting at them with the weapons you acquire or by driving through them. The explosion caused by the destruction of buildings can be used to both give your vehicle a boost and to hinder your opponents. The gameplay modes available to choose from are: League, Arcade, Time Attack and Multiplayer, wherein League acts as the main single player component of the game and features successive tournaments, with each tournament being unlocked after successfully finishing in first place in the one before it. When the League mode is completed on Easy difficulty, a Hard difficulty option and a seventh mysterious opponent are unlocked. Completing League again on Hard difficulty unlocks a final difficulty option called Expert and the seventh driver's car for use by the players themselves. The PlayStation version of Rollcage lacks the Arcade mode. This inadvertently locks the player out of single player gameplay with computer-controlled opponents on the remaining five tracks that aren't included in League mode, as those tracks can only be selected in the Time Attack and Multiplayer modes.

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