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RPG Maker

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What would you create if you had license to make your own role-playing game? What would normally take 100 people a few years to build can now be constructed by one person over the course of a few sleepless weeks. It's not going to be easy, but that's why this title is so amazing: it gives you the tools, but the ideas and execution all come from you. Write, design, and map out every detail from the storyline to the dungeon designs. Organize and construct each town (if you want any towns, that is) choosing item locations, weaponry, and even enemy characteristics. You can even take some extra time and design and animate all of your own characters! Every cutscene, introduction, and game ending that you could ever imagine is possible, and all it takes is your imagination and hard work. There are so many monsters, skill sets, scenarios, and characters to be created you might think about setting aside a sizable chunk of time if you want your game to last more than a few measly minutes. If you've got the time you'll be happy to spend it on this meticulous creation. Now it's just a matter of finding someone who's willing to play it.

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