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Rush Hour

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Start your engine and take off like a bat out of hell. In the grand tradition of arcade classics like Sky Hunter, Rush Hour throws racing physics and realistic handling out the window and replaces them good, old-fashioned video game fun. Boosting excellent 3D-textured environments, the game's focus is on arcade-style racing rather than combat, convoluted storylines, and evil enemies. There are more than eight tracks that will test your mettle, and each is more challenging than the last. The detailed environments seem to go on for ages, as you race sports cars and trucks, several of which can be unlocked as you advance through the contest. If you want to analyze what you did wrong at a particular point in the game (or if you want to show off to a friend), check out the awesome Replay feature. Featuring a cool rock-and-roll soundtrack to keep your toes tapping, sound effects that will have you jumping from your seat, and gameplay that's sure to remind you of gaming's salad days, Rush Hour is a real rush.

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