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Space Griffon VF-9

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In the near future, Moonbase 'HAMLET' is overrun by alien invaders from an unknown source. You are an elite forces member of the A-Max Factories Corporation, the builders of the station. A-Max sends you and five other highly-trained and heavily armed specialists to deal with the situation. Your way of dealing with them is to use the latest in high-tech armor and weaponry to blast the invaders into atoms! Travel deep beneath the lifeless surface of the moon in man-made tunnels that extend to the horizon. Explore the cavernous moon base in this gripping RPG/Action drama and get set for anything! You'll face challenge as both a warrior and a detective. Find the secret to ridding the outpost of alien invaders, then pilot your Tri-formula Griffon into the toughest fight this side of the Milky Way!

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