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T'ai Fu: Wrath Of The Tiger

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While the game has some fairly challenging platformer aspects, the main focus of the gameplay is on fighting aggressors from other clans as T'ai seeks to receive Kung Fu tutoring from the masters of the clans. Each new style T'ai learns increases his repertoire of moves, and he can even learn more exotic moves such as energy blasts and the power of flight. An emphasis on combos is placed in the fighting, as each new style can be chained to one another in any order, allowing for impressively long and complex chains. The game also rewards players for completing combos, as pressing a specific button at the end of each combo refills a bit of the player's health and 'chi' energy (the latter which is used in performing energy blasts). Another unique aspect of the fighting aspect in the game, is that each move learned is not mutually exclusive to combat or platforming; they can be used for both to great effect.

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