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Theme Hospital

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The game's campaign sees the player moving from one hospital to another, where within each the player is required to build an environment which will attract patients with comical complaints, illnesses, emergencies, and diseases, and then treat them while tending to their needs. The game has a somewhat dark sense of humour, which is similar to that of Theme Park in many ways (such as in terms of deaths). While the player has no direct control over the patients who wander the hospital, they do however have some influence over whether to evict them from the hospital (whether they are close to death or being a nuisance) or determining what to do with them when given a choice by the hospital's staff; the player can pick up any staff member in the building and move them to a different area (whether to reassign some to another room, send them to get rest), and also fire them if they argue about pay or are no longer required. The player may also force patients into taking a chance at a possible cure for their suspected disease, at the risk of killing the patient (this is useful, for example, if a patient is about to die but has already completed enough diagnostics requirements to identify the kind of disease the patient is suffering from) and rearrange the queue of each of the rooms in the hospital (useful for moving dying patients to the front of the queue so they can receive treatment first, or move those forward who need to be diagnosed more). Each level consists of an empty hospital to plan and design with various rooms and facilities (which are added to by research and later levels), with set goals in the fields of financial attainment, hospital reputation, patients cured, percent of patients cured, and hospital value. Holding negative funds or allowing sufficient patients to die will bring about losing requirements. When the goals have been met the player has the option to move on to a new, more elaborate hospital with tougher winning conditions and more diseases present, or stick with their current one until they are ready to move; the final level of the game has everything available, and if completed, finishes the campaign. During development, the game was to feature real diseases that would be researched and cured, but before release, the game developers chose to change this around and instead replaced them with fictional comedy afflictions; some things like surgery, x-ray, cardiography and psychiatry still remain as connection to real methods of diagnosis and treatment. The game revolves around the player designing a hospital from scratch, where they must set out building up rooms (or facilities) in a hospital, and hiring doctors, nurses, handymen and receptionists to operate it. Rooms are built by placing down a blueprint, assigning the location of doors and windows, and then placing down furniture (each room has needed items, but can have more added to it); the bigger the room, the more windows it has, and the more equipped it is, the happier the staff member will be in it. In addition to rooms, the player may also set up items in the open corridor spaces provided

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