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Vampire Hunter D

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It's already an anime classic, and now Vampire Hunter D is an equally frightening videogame. Based on the popular animated motion picture, the game casts you as D, a partly vampiric warrior who's been hired to track down a kidnapped child. Set in an eerie castle, Vampire Hunter D is rife with vile enemies, all of whom you'll need to cut down, slash and kill with your trusty sword. Neither for the weak nor the weak of heart, the game puts its emphasis squarely on gore so much so that you'll have to sleep with the lights on for weeks. The lush, 3D graphics instantly transport you to the dark stretches and passageways of the evil palace, and the game's various levels are each breathtakingly detailed in their own right. D is the sort of hero only a mother could love, but that doesn't mean the vicious enemies lurking behind every corner will have any sympathy. The game is for one player only, but you might want to invite a friend over anyway to hold your hand.

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