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Beyond Oasis

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The game has action adventure elements similar to The Legend of Zelda series. The player controls Prince Ali and takes him across the maps to fulfill his quest. Along the way the player picks up special items to restore health and magic, special weapons to help defeat enemies, and four magic spirits found in shrines to aid Prince Ali's mission. Prince Ali's default weapon is his knife, which can perform special attacks and has unlimited usage. Also during the course of the game the player can equip Prince Ali with special weapons such as swords, crossbows, and bombs. Some crossbows (and a sword) can ignite their targets on fire. However, unlike the knife, these weapons do not have unlimited usage and will break after a set amount of uses. Each of the magic spirits acquired in the game has a number of spells that can attack enemies, restore health or unlock hidden areas. Each spirit is summoned by the Light Ball (A Button) and is sent away by tapping A, B, and C at the same time or when the magic meter runs out. Each spirit's power can be increased by picking up gems that correspond to the color of the spirit: Blue for Dytto, Red for Efreet, Black for Shade, and Green for Bow.
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